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Nude Beach Japan Voyeur

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Nude Beach Voyeur Jerk Off

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The Adventures of Voyeur

The Adventures of Voyeur – Christine slipped under the covers of her bed and turned off the lamp on her nightstand. She rolled over and closed her eyes while her mind began thinking about...

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Hidden Voyeur Watching

Hidden Voyeur Watching – If there’s one thing that’s more fun than watching other people having sex, it’s being watched – it’s no fun if you don’t know you’re being spied on, but knowing...

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Beach Voyeur Bikini Panties Teen Candid Tits

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I Became Female Voyeur

I Became Female Voyeur – In my last year as a student I was sharing a house with 2 guys, who each had their own rooms, and another girl, with whom I shared a...

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The Asian Nudity Story

The Asian Nudity Story – It was 5 minutes past 8pm and we were in the ‚Backumer’ valley, the park area of my town. In the middle of the bright summer heat Kira and...

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The Voyeur in Me

The Voyeur in Me – He’s been watching her from his little spare room for four months now. Why shouldn’t he? The window in her bathroom doesn’t have a curtain and since she moved...

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The Pretty Teen Voyeur

The Pretty Teen Voyeur another true story – Going back to my younger days. I was dating this girl called Leigh, she was 2 years younger than me and quite immature for her 18...

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Spying on My Roomate

Spying on My Roomate – When I was in college I lived with an older roomate. At the time I was 18 and he was 23 and he only lived one year with me...